Pet Suites

Each dog has its own 4′ x 6′ temperature controlled room with a 1′ x 2′ window to look outside. This window/door opens to let them out into a 4′ x 10′ outdoor covered exercise area.  We also provide a comfortable cot for each dog to rest on.  Water is always available and food is provided at the owners scheduled times.

Each cat has its own room in a separate area from the dogs with a litter box, food and water always available. 


Each room is fully disinfected daily.  Food and water dishes are also disinfected and change on a daily basis.

All litter boxes are cleaned out several times a day with litter being changed as needed.

Personal bedding brought from home is washed as needed.  We are not responsible for these items.

Room Service

Fresh water is always available and meals are served twice daily.  We prefer that you bring your dogs food to avoid any interruptions in diet.  However, offer Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice Adult food for an additional $2 per day.  Treats are given after breakfast and before bedtime.

Exercise and Playtime

Dogs that stay at Windmere Kennels get to have fun and exercise in our large play yards that are continuously supervised by our highly qualified staff.  Running freely is always free. However, if you’d like your dog to have some one on one time or if he/she does not always play well with others, we offer personal leash walks for a small additional charge.

Personal Leash Walk

For a low cost of $6.00 per day/dog, your dog can enjoy a personal walk around our facilities. During this time, they will have one-on-one attention from one of our skilled staff members.